| How to wear hot leather pants
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How to wear hot leather pants

You believe, many men have to answer when asked what women are more sexy about – red dress or tight black leather pants. It is often just for sexy skin to decide to decide, but ladies must know a few rules to deal with

Black skin on a woman can be sexier than anything else in the world, but it’s easy to cross the border if she does not really think she’ll bite her. Here are some rules:

Along with your leather pants, wear layered clothing – a sweater, a jacket and a scarf so that the skin is not in the foreground and does not wear a combination.

Pull out the leather pants, scratch the panties, and attach the ball with the leather strap to emphasize femininity.

When in your head you have the beauty of long legs in tight leather velvets, you can hardly imagine that it is easy to fall with the skin. You will certainly be surprised if you wear wide and baggy pants, those that go into the trapeze and start spreading over your knees, are too plump on your leg or are so narrow that any irregularities are depicted.

They are stylishly worn on puppies and a plain white t-shirt.

When you want to show your leather tights to the point of showing your thighs, hips, and buttocks, with only a short toe top, measure yourself in the mirror from all sides and evaluate whether you are in the perfect stage for this indication. And look at the underwear.

If you wear a top of the sleeves and / or self-wearing socks, hot leather hats will be too much to catch.

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