| We thought we would not be in madness, but these pants are coming back
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We thought we would not be in madness, but these pants are coming back

Jeans always need you in the closet, black skinny leather pants are hot stuff, and pants with a line this season we have to have. But can you believe these pants call back to the streets again?

Not as part of walking weekend with nature weekend or gym equipment, but as part of a real-time daily look. As always, we inspire inspiration from the stars. Especially the leader of the trends of Gigi and Belle Hadid, Kendall Jenner and all other models. It’s logical for them because they have to change up to 20 times on a day’s job, but why did we decide to embrace this trend again?

Probably because we’re going to wear ugly sneakers, pants and jeans that inspire inspiration from post-socialist youth. And do not worry, we know for the rule “tights are not pants,” so we will choose pants that do not remind you of the hoodies to go out of the house.

It is logical that sports brands have socks that can become part of a daily stack, but with a high street bid? It’s like in a story! And we can all thank the effect of the 90’s fashion that spurred the rubber tights on the feet that combines great with the shoes on the heel. Also, the most popular are models of high waist and models that have rivets, cifos and side skirts.

Leggings are one of the most versatile pieces in your closet throughout the year, and you can only choose combinations that will achieve a balanced and fashionable look. Switching to warm months also makes changing clothes. Classic black tights are always in, but if you want a bit of brawl, wear the underwear in the colors. Wonderful models will perfectly spring up spring time. The great thing about a secretory is to hide any shortcomings in your body and stretch your legs. A good choice in the underwear is a bit tiring of shirts, shirts and tunics. You can combine them with dresses and skirts, and will look great with every fashion style.

Footwear with leggings – everything is allowed! From boots, balloons, saloons, scarves, sneakers … But do not forget that leggings are not pants and always keep in mind that the top of the garment is not the same as you would to wear to wear jeans. Whether you want casual, twisted, modern, for night out or for coffee – no rules. Leggings are a universal piece of clothing and a fashion piece that suits everyone. With real fashion accessories and elements you can achieve a real sexy feminine look. Do not even combine large, large and bulky t-shirts with your tights, as it will visually expand you. Also, the dress you want to look like a tunic is not a good choice on the tights, as well as large, wide jackets and coats – you will look like you’ve forgotten to wear jeans.

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